How much should you spend on a new drill press?


Thinking of buying a drill press? Maybe just a small mini drill?But, no idea what is the ideal budget for this helpful gadget in all your DIY and simple household chores? Well, you have landed in the right place.

Hi, I am a software developer by profession but a DIY enthusiast by passion. I make my home furniture, fix my kitchen cabinets, and hang the wall sculptures and do a lot more. You name it and I have done it. For all these endeavours, I own a well-maintained toolkit in which my drill press is the most versatile gadget that I can think of.

I give suggestions to my friends for buying the best tools for home chores. I have compiled a few tips for my readers to spend an ideal amount on a drill press. First things, first. If you understand your tool you will also get to know whether the tool you are buying is priced right or not. So, consider these features for a drill press which also works for metal drilling, mortising, sander, buffer, and grinder.

Usage– if a drill press is versatile and has multiple uses then you must be prepared to pay more for it. A plain and simple drill press is the basic tool that will be quite economical.

Additional components– The extra accessories with a drill press will increase the cost depending upon the numerous functions you want to perform by a simple change or attachment of a tool.

Brand– Brand name adds value, faith and dependability of a product adding obvious dollars to your budget. Getting a branded drill press requires you to loosen your purse strings

Speed options– the more the speed options in the drill press, the larger the number of tasks you can accomplish. As it will be technically better so, it will cost more.

Power –The power of a drill press is the major point to consider. A powerful motor in a drill press will add up to the price of this useful tool.

Now you are familiar with the factors that define the cost of a drill press, just explore the products that fit your needs and budget. In any case, a drill press will cost you between $300 and $1500 starting from a very basic model to the most advanced and accessorised drill press available. I truly hope that these points will help you in getting the most economical and versatile drill press.