How to Keep Your Workshop Clean


How to Keep Your Workshop Clean

Keeping your workshop clean can be quite a challenge. There are so much sawdust and small bits of metals, and all kinds of things that can get lost when dropped on the floor.

Also, if you are not thinking your layout correctly, you can end up stumbling over dangerous appliances, and even hurting yourself. Not to mention, you will be incredibly unproductive and ineffective in everything you do.

Air should be clean of fine dust particles

Not only the floor should be clean, but the air, as well. Small dust particles can enter your airways and cause allergies or just the unpleasant sneeze that doesn’t seem to go away. Here is an inexpensive solution, in case you don’t want to invest in a special air cleaner. Take a box fan and attach to it a furnace filter.

When the fan works, it will attract all the fine particles, and they will accumulate on the filter. Once the screen fills with grime, you can quickly change it.


Use a robust vacuum cleaner when tidying up your workshop

There is no better advice than this. The problem with most vacuum cleaners is that they just suck all the dust and fine particles on one end and just eject them on another. So, what we advise is that you find yourself a vacuum cleaner with a high-quality filtration system. These are perfect for people with allergies.

Also, make sure that the engine is powerful enough since you will be forcing it to do some heavy lifting.

Magnetic brooms are pretty swell

A regular vacuum cleaner may not be a good idea if you are planning on cleaning your workshop floor. All kinds of metal bits, screws, brads, and nails are most likely spread on the floor at the end of the day. Before using the vacuum for absorbing the fine dust, get a magnetic broom to pick up all the nasty stuff from the floor.

You can make one yourself, from a wooden stick and a magnet. You will sweep the floor like never before, and you will also get rid of the nasty accidents that happen when metal pieces get stuck to your footwear.


Keep things neat and tidy

There are many things you can do to keep your workshop clean. A good idea would be to focus on keeping all you need within arm’s reach, especially small tools, but without having to face the usual mess. Here is a practical idea.

Take an old tennis racket and screw its handle under a close by working table. Drop your most used small tools on your improvised shelf and just swing it under the table when you’re done.